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I was the doppleganger

I worked at a tattoo shop in Arizona, across the river from Laughlin NV. It was February and people were spending tax returns on tattoos, I don't remember the exact day but it was crazy busy. I got stuck with a family and tattooed until about 3am. They were generous, after all said and done I had $2000+ dollars. My wife had been waiting all night for me so in a spur of the moment decision we decided to go across the river to the casinos and spend money! I don't gamble, don't really drink and just never been interested in that stuff, but that night it sounded fun. As soon as we got out of the car at the first casino is when I noticed things were odd. The valet runs up to me and looks kinda confused why I'm in my car... like he even looked at my car and made a joke about "oh, this way you can probably just drive around". I was even more confused, I told him I would park my own car and did so. As we walked into the casino people were looking at me, like backing up and making room for me to walk by and nodding at me and just acting weird. My wife was like "WTF man? Why is everyone treating you like this?" At first I wrote it off to people just being nice and doing their jobs and whatnot. But it kept getting weirder... people kept staring at me and holding doors. My wife is asking me if I have some secret life or something?? It didn't register at the time, but one of the bartenders said "it's strange to see you here this time of day". It was like 4am, I thought it was small talk. For hours I gambled roulette and kept winning, I never played roulette in my life. All night/morning people kept staring at me, looking away when I locked eyes. I even like walked up to some dude that was looking at me and said "what's up?" And he was like " oh hey bro I just noticed you I'm sorry"...I was shocked, this guy was legit nervous to be talking to me. I'm not famous, or a gangster, or nothing. We thought maybe because I tattooed a lot of people, but I usually recognize clients and they always treat me like a friend. I saw this weird old slot machine that only gave away silver dollars, but it only took silver dollars. I was excited, so I went to find where I could get silver dollars to put in the machine and the cashier was like " wha?" I told her it was for the machine and she was adamant that there is no machine like that...I went back to find it and couldn't. It was gone... people started bumping into me and when I looked at them nobody cares anymore. I think I was the doppleganger, there were more little experiences but in a nutshell that's it. It seemed to end also when I noticed the daylight...I don't know...I've been thinking about it for a long time and it still bothers me. I don't look like anyone famous or infamous, I actually have a piercing through the bridge of my nose that makes me fairly unique and would be hard to get confused with someone else. Is this considered a glitch? Like I said there's more to it, I'm not sure if I'm the right place but I'll answer any questions I can. Thanks for your time.
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Followed by a Cryptid

Followed by a Cryptid
Hi I'm Seath,

This is my story that has started from 1992 and still continues to this day.
My story starts in 92 our family had just been relocated to the Mohave Desert from my dad being transferred by his job to work across the Colorado river in Laughlin NV . We rented a house on the AZ side of the river due to it being cheaper then the NV side. From what I do remember we rented from a Native american who went by his CB radio name Dakota I do not remember his real name. CB radio was the 90s Voice chat for people living out in the middle of nowhere. Anyways when we were moving in we could see the river at the end of the road of the street we lived on, he warned us the river is very dangerous at night and if you hear anything unusual just go inside and lock the door. My mother asked like what party drunk people? He shook his head no, He told us don't take it the wrong way but alot of people die at the river at night thinking they see people downing or screaming for help and nothing is there and the fast pace of the river takes them away and do not have a chance to escape its rapids. If you hear someone calling for help just call the police do not investigate , it may not be what it seems.
He just turned and looked at the river then at the ground and let out a sigh, then he said there are thing that walk this earth that cannot be explained and sometimes its best to leave them be. I just stood there being only 9 not knowing what he was talking about and my dad just said ok. We lived in the house for about a year nothing out of the ordinary had happened work, school, church dinner repeat until one Sunday night after church. My dad and I were sitting in the garage with the door open just watching the river and the stars we basically had no light pollution and there was supposed to be a meteor shower, it was about 9:30pm my dad told me to get inside and get ready for bed for school tomorrow. As was about to stand up we heard what sounded like crying coming from the direction of the river and asking for help but it didnt sound right at all. It was like trying to talk with out your tongue and like you had water in your throat, we looked back and forth trying to pinpoint where it was coming from. Then you could see a woman walking out of the river trees / brush. As she walked it sent chills down your spine it was staggered but like it was walking on 2 feet for the first time.
We just watched it walk across the field to the road that connected to our house, my dad stood up and took a step forward and the woman stopped instantly. She tilted her head and slowly looked at us, she was pale covered in mud, brush and water. Her head kept tilting unnatural it looked like it should have snapped but it didn't, we both froze her eyes were a reflective silver as her head bobbed from the tilting it reflected like animal eyes would. After what felt like an hour even though it was only a few seconds it fell face forward with force you heard the body hit the ground "SMACK" and dust flew up. At this point I stood up trying to see where it was, then it just screamed not just from the throat but from the depth of its chest high and low pitches roared and echoed across the desert. My dad pushed me back into the garage getting ready to close it then it popped back up and it was on all fours still with its head tilted and start running at us at full speed. My dad shoved me in and slammed the door shut and locked the inside bolts to prevent it from opening, soon as that latch lock "BAM" it hit the garage.
Screaming and scratching continuously at the door yelling "HELP" and "LET ME IN" then it stopped our hearts pounding then you could hear it sniffing the crack of where the door meets the driveway and see its shadow moving back and forth saying "I HAVE YOUR SCENT" then the shadow was moving to where the front door is, at this point my Mom open the garage door that connect to the inside of the house looking at us like WTF are you making all this noise. She saw us on the floor scared to death and instantly my dad bolted up and ran past her to the front door to check it, the front of our house was on the corner of the street covered my large windows easily could be broken. The door was already locked and he looked out the windows nothing was there it was bright from the street lights and no sign of the monster.
We told my mother what happened she really didn't question it, she heard the screams and banging. The next morning Dakota came out we told him happened, walked the property not saying anything stopped at the garage door looked at the dents and scratch marks then he turned and looked at field and river. He looked over the field and river walking back n forth from our property but not taking one step further toward the river or the field, he panned looking up and down the dirt then stopped he pointed at the dirt said "There". We all looked down and it was track marks coming from the field to our street there were only tracks on the dirt and nothing on the street it must have cleared the street when it rammed our garage door. We went to go look at the tracks Dakota put his hand up and shook his head "don't touch it" he said it would be wise for us to move because it would be back and he needs to cleanse the house and recommended we do so ourselves. He knew a friend in the next city further away and would talk to him to see what he had available to be quick as possible. My parents didn't question it while Dakota took care of that my dad took a new job in the city further away as a police photographer.
I would like to say things were better after the move but they were not, this house was haunted to put it in simple terms. We lived in the house for 2 years, not a lot happened at once small things at first the tv would turn on by its self, after we would leave the curtains would all be pulled shut making the house extremely dark. The house had a fence around the entire property including the house so no one could just walk up to the house my mother had to locks on all the gate, we would constantly see dark shadows walking by the window or crunching from leaves. The shower would constantly turn on the plug would be put it trying to flood the bathroom, towel racks would be pulled out from the wall, and foot steps walking up and down the hall like on hardwood floor even though everything was carpet except the kitchen. But the worst of all was this wooden shed outside it was small just big enough for tools and the ground dirt was so hard it was like concrete no shelves windows nothing bare. This shed constantly sounded like someone coming in and out slamming the door neighbors would call the police and complain, and the officers would joke at my dad and say what is your house haunted or something so we drilled latch and bolted and locked it shut.

We just got use to it and were just waiting for our lease to be up and then we were going to move back to Vegas at the end of the year. So its Christmas eve the last year of our lease, we were getting ready for midnight mass we were at the front door getting our coats when all the lights started going in and out like in a thunderstorm messing with the power but it was a clear night just freezing about 15F. My parents kept our jeep outside the fence under the street light it was just easier then opening the garage door and the gates every time to leave, something caught my mothers attention to the jeep even with the lights flickering. There was something crouched behind the jeep with its hands on the hood looking around the corner of the vehicle, she told me as soon as its eyes reflected silver she knew what it was from what we told She said under her breath "What the hell is that?" as I looked out and saw it we made eye contact it stood up from behind the jeep like it was waiting for me to see it.
As it stood even though it was under the street light it was like it was absorbing the light making more shadows, but you could tell it was the body of a woman/ish the body was a woman with matted fur across its chest pale arms legs inverted legs and hooved feet and a decaying deear skull on her face no antlers just matted hair and pulled flesh. At this moment we were looking at the monster again all the doors in the house slammed shut and a deep demonic gritted voiced yelled get out as this moment before we could react to the house the monster was walking to the front door as everything around was getting darker with each step. My mom grabbed my sister and yelled at my dad to follow, we went back into my sisters room where it had a phone and no windows, we called the police and just said someone was trying to break in because who would believe hey a monster is trying to break in and the house is yelling at us.
Since my dad already worked with the police a few of the officers had spare keys to feed the animals when we left town to visit relatives and such. This next part is from there perspective 4 officers showed up they unlocked the gates and doors, 2 in the house and 2 walking the perimeter. inside all the light were out and occasional flicker making a pop sound blow out the bulb, they said it felt like they were constantly being watched and heard foot steps leading to the garage but found nothing. The two officers were outside and it said it was eerily quite the frozen ground crunching with each step when one of the officers pointed at one of our trees a dark shadow was in the tree and they when they shinned there flash light at it all they saw was reflective eyes. Before they could say anything it jumped out of the tree and bolted for the shed ripping the door open and slamming it shut. from the inside you could hear "What the hell" *Boom heavy running then SLAM* The officer called for the 2 inside you could hear the police yelling at the shed we have you surrounded come out, each time they called out for them to come out the wall banged louder each time you could hear the wood cracking and echoing in the cold air.
When the officers yelled we are coming in we are armed, come out with your hands up, then one last "BANG" then silence they opened the door nothing was there just the smell of rot like something died in there. it was empty no lights nowhere to go it is just a small shed and frozen earth. Clearly they were spooked but it unexplained I remember one of the officers saying this is some X-files shit right here, It was just filed as wild life disturbance not a break in. For the rest of the lease we just stayed at a hotel and when the time came we just took what we needed and left the rest.

This is the house and it is for sale again, for some reason before I decided to write this I looked it up and its been for sell a long time. what still scary its bright as hell and the rooms are still very dark and the towel racks are still ripped out

After we moved back to Vegas my mother was obsessed with the paranormal she wrote letters called priests to anyone who would giver her the time of day to trying to find a way to protect us, we got more crosses, holy water, rosary's on all door handles dream catchers in every bedroom and she got some blessed salt , and salt rocks put on all entrances and windows, she also put curtains on all the mirrors reading info it could be used as portal. A bit over kill you might say but the truth of the matter after seeing that twice i was game and it became normal, and nothing happened for years until 2003 7 years later.
In this time my mothers health was greatly fading and could not take the heat with constant migraines that followed, so we moved to Douglas county much cooler and close to the mountains. At this point Im working my sister stayed in Vegas starting her life, I could have done the same but with what my mother was going through I didn't want to leave her to deal with this. As time went on she began walking around the house at all hours of the night arguing with shadows in the corner and yelling leave me alone. I couldn't see it but with her health dropping the paranormal activity started up again as it is was her spirit and will was keeping us safe and now with her health failing the locks were broken and they walked in the door. I never saw to much because I worked graveyard and slept in the daytime and nothing very strange happened in the morning would see shadows or something in the corner of your eye but that's about it. After some time my mother passed from a Arianism this was her 2nd one she survived the first one, after the funeral and all the family left the activity exploded.

one morning I was sleeping after I have gotten off work my dad and I worked apposing schedules and rarely saw one another, I was sleeping and I heard my closet door I tried to open get up I couldn't move I was locked down I couldn't even open my eyes. I could hear foot step walking up to my bed but they were long steps not short like moving left to right as if it was creeping up. I felt to pressures put at the foot of my bed first right at my feet then I could feel it creep up on my bed walking over me. The air turned humid it was thick it smelled like a drain that has not been cleaned and the bacteria has built up in the drain I work in food my whole life and we have drain socks to catch all the debrie from going down and when those don't get changed out they smell awful and that's what it smelled like or what my brain connected to. As is crawled up to my face I still could not move i was stuck and I;am thinking this is it I'am going to be eaten Im screwed, with each pull forward I could feel what im guessing is its hair on my face and warm/cold moist feeling up to my face then it spoke. The same voice I have heard before years ago back in that garage gurgles no tongue " I Found You" my heart sank I was scared before now and deathly scared if I could piss myself I probably would have.
I pulled deep with in myself and ripped myself up flying out of bed my arms and legs going in every direction hitting my computer chair that was next to my bed and kicking my desk. Nothing was in front of my or my bed I looked around the rooms and my closet door was still open but just a crack directed at my bed as if it has been watching me fling around. I left the apartment when to the hardware store got some chain and locked my closed shut and a board and nailed it across the door I didn't care about my deposit or wanting to experience that again. after that nothing happened again not even shadows like poof it was gone all of it but constantly felt like something was watching me from somewhere and I couldn't explain it, the only place I felt safe was work and I worked at a casino lights and hundreds of people I worked as much over time took other people shifts or sat in the bars after work I didn't want to go home. Eventually our lease was up and we moved into a new apt closer to our jobs and across town and a 2nd story facing the street with lots of light.

Once again nothing happened the apt was nicely lit the sun came in the windows every morning and the streetlight kept it lit after dark it made me happy and safe. Then its about another year and half goes by this is the last few months I will be living with my dad we never see each other and just dont talk that much after my mother passes I felt it was time to move on because nothing happens to him just me. So he went out of town for a month vacation and I was going to pack that month and move out when he got back. I took a vacation as well because you will laugh at this time World of Warcraft Burning crusade was launching and my friends wanted me to start a Blood elf and play a paladin for the guild since I already had experience playing it on alliance. I did we pulled all dayer because i worked grave yard daytime was my night time. I was tired it was about 11pm I havent at night in years now so I didnt even think about anything or my haunting past I hit the pillow i was out.
I woke up hearing someone in my kitchen I look at the clock its 1am I put my head down thinking my dad was just making a late snack that he did alot, Then I snap up he is out of town I press my ear up to my door I hear foot steps outside my door away to where the kitchen is. I could hear clicking "tick tick tick tick tick" Im like what the hell is that? Then it dawns on me, it is the gas stove and the fire has not been lit. I hear a door open close to me and close. Im confused the only door near my left side where the sound came from was the Linen closet. I bolt out into the kitchen all the gas is on no flame i turn it all off turn on the stove fan open the front door to get air flowing again the I heard a rustle in the linen closet and almost a giggle like someone laughing. I turned and looked at it, at this point i wasent afraid I didnt care what was in there I put my hand on the door handle and ripped the door open nothing just cramped racks of towels no one could hide there not even a child or a cat.
I let it air out then I left went to walmart and bought new door handles and locked all the doors shut if they were not in use and moved my computer desk in front of my closet door so it could not be opened. I never used it i mostly worked and just my winter coat and thing for the move. now its about 4 am Im still tired but feel safe enough to sleep I tapped the gas knobs, I lay down and with little effort I fall back asleep. The again I wake up to a "BOOM" and shaking I bolt up and everything is pitch black expect a emergency light blinking on and off from the outside I look around everything is dark, then I stop I could hear breathing behind me I already knew what it was the sound was the same. My bed is right along the wall on the window so I could open and get air when needed so I wouldn't have to blast the air conditioner. I turn my eyes first I could see a shadow in my window, unlike my first encounter I was not frozen I was incontroll I slowly turned my head and it was there the Deer Woman she was standing in the window seal two hooved feet on the wood one arm holding on the frame. The window was still open from the gas and I wanted to make sure the apt was vented. At that moment we locked eyes she tilted her head again as she did before it felt like a eternity this time i could clearly see everything.
But this time she changed again the first time walking corpse, 2nd time decaying deer monster, 3rd time humid and moist. Now the forth time still a Deer skull but it was clean white endless darkness in the eye sockets no skull or eyes inside just darkness a void of all life and light, her hair was no longer matter just long and black/brown fur covers her chest like a fur shawl from the 50s and it was black as the eye sockets and the same fur hooved legs. What felt like a life time she reached at my face Im assuming to grab me, I flung out of bed slammed against the wall trying to turn the light on and nothing everything is our except the flashing yellow emergency lights from the apartments outside. I looked back at the bed she was still there and started walking forward the bed creaked and cracked from the weight the sound of wood to this day still scares the hell out of me. I tried to open the door but i forgot i locked it and my brain couldn't comprehend that i locked it earlier and just had to unlock it was pure flight mode. I just grabbed my computer chair next to me closed my eyes and flung it at the window and crash class broke I open my eyes chair on the bed broken glass and it was gone. I walk up to the window and nothing is there not even foot prints or dented wood a flashlight hits my eyes blinding me i raise my hand to block the beam it was security asking if I was alight we had a earth quake and a gas pipe blew whole towns out. He said did the quake break your window I just said yeah said not a issue they would come back later and get it fix just put up card board and tape it up might be awhile I just noded.
The window was fixed my dad came home I didnt bring it up and shortly I moved out to start my life, and for years I moved around but did not see the Deer Woman again for a very long time. I know the story is long so we will do a speed round, got in contact with a shaman back in the Mohave desert where it all started they I was not alot to give details but got a spirit cleanse ceremony and smudging. He told me this would only keep the smaller spirits away but what has attached itself to you will be much harder I cannot help you will need to strengthen your will and spirit like your mother and that power will protect you. In way I knew he was right when my mother reached out and did all those things years ago was over kill but nothing happened. after years of working transfers moving across the nations from Pennsylvanian to Hawaii I land back in Douglas county go figure right. Im married with children we just moved into town to be closer to my wifes parents, staying with them untill apt was ready to move into.
So at this point like my mother I have rosary's on door hands blessed salt in the windows, and we have our birth stones blessed and put into the corners of entrances and house corners. I dont cover mirrors but I still lock all closet doors to this day. its now 2016 and while we are sleeping with the window open her parents dont have AC i hear rustling outside the window I didnt think much of it because it was covered in black berry bushes and rose bushes whom ever is going to try and break in is going to have a bad day. I look out side the window and the deer woman is looking in at me, I quickly shook my wife she was pissed to say none the lest i pointed at the window and motioned "shhh" she looked and quickly got wide eye I grabbed her with my left hand preventing her from moving. The Deer Woman looked at me then at the seal of the window as if it was looking at the salt the looked back and forth of the birth stones it looked at my wife then bolted from the window could hear cloping sounds like a horse on the pavement fading away. after it was gone the street lights seemed bright again and the sounds of the crickets came back, my wife was shaking me like WTF was that, I told her thats my cryptid stalker i told you about.

She always listened to me and always thought I was going over board but never questioned it she knew I wasent lying. This was her first paranormal encounter and now the window has been opened for her she see shadow people, things moving now she dosent like it want the window closed again but now knows the world just got more scary and is more helpful blessing and protecting the house now. It has visited my wife when I was working late one night she went to let the dogs outside the backyard she opened the door and the dogs quickly nope'd and walked behind her refusing to go out. She was confused and then it dawned on her there was no noise, no bugs, wind, the sounds of cars going to the freeway like she was in a bubble the noises dogs next door were quiet and they never where. She started to look over the backyard she saw nothing then that's when she spotted it, there was a shadow in our neighbors yard under his apple tree. It was the same skull she saw in our window just watching her from the next yard over then it just took a step back and told me it just fell into the shadows like it was water and disappeared and then all the sounds came back. Its now 2020 we live by the mountain side there is no development behind us just empty land, I dont sleep at night to this day still work graveyard. I when I take the dogs out between 1am and 4am he mountains are watching you can hear giggling, screaming, laughing from the hills there is nothing out there Ive taken my dogs up there many times there no way a car can get up there or let alone drunk teens no cans no campires tracks foots prints nothing. My dogs hate going up there so i dont do it, every once and awhile I can feel her watching catch a shadow watching me from the hill standing in rocks a shadow darken then the darkness. I know she is not done with me, but I come to realize that I will be followed for life.
Its like a standoff right now, I know shes there she knows I know shes real and I don't know whats next. I don't know what the game is, if death was the answer wouldn't she have just got me those 2 times I was sleeping. I feel like will never have the answers and I will have to pass the strength onto my children so they will be safe in life.

I have shared this before but in this version is much long and more detailed then I have ever wrote before.
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Coughing may cost me my "casino job"

This happened a few weeks ago, but wanted to share:
I was sitting alone in a dining area in a casino in Laughlin, NV reading a book while my grandma gambled (it was my grandma's birthday and she wanted to celebrate by taking a trip with the family to a casino). I moved my seat so that I could read while still having the beautiful view of the Colorado river.
Due to a combination of the dry air and cigarette smoke, I start having a short coughing fit, and at this point a man had sat down two tables away to have his lunch. I finally get my coughing in control when he turns to me and says 'you keep doing that and you'll get fired' and does a coughing motion. I guess he thought I worked in the casino, despite the fact I was dressed like I was about to go on a camping trip, and had some small luggage with me. I was confused but ignored it since there was no point in arguing with someone who made a threat on my nonexistent job for coughing.
He went back to his food and I went back to my book and forgot the whole exchange. After some time had passed, he got up to leave, but not without calling me a "stupid whore who blah blah..." I couldn't quite make out the end of his insult, but I pretended not to hear it, both out of making sure that the situation wouldn't escalate further, but also because I got to a really good part in my book and just didn't want to be bothered with casino crazies.
TL;DR have coughing fit, man nearby angry by it, says I'll get fired and calls me a whore. Doesn't matter, read book.
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Welcome to Bullhead City AZ. Unless you're homeless, then you could just fuck off!

Welcome to BullShit city. We recently moved here about 7 months ago from L.A. California. (My girlfriends mom bought a mobile home out here after she sold the house in California to be closer to her cousin). My girlfriend lives with her mom and our 2yr old son. I come and go between CA and bullhead city for months at a time to be with my son. Still in the process of finding a more permanent residence out here. But I'm not feeling it. Their is next to nothing out here. No form of entertainment other then shopping or casinos, or parks. You have a Kmart, Wal-Mart, various fast food chains, target, Ross, bath and body, one dollar tree, plenty of gas stations, water sport rentals, repair shops, motels, stuff like that but no actual malls. And the main stores I.e walmart, Kmart, target and ross (same complex), big lots are all spread pretty decently apart from each other. Laughlin Outlet center is an absolute joke. Most stores are gone and what's left is nothing of interest or highly priced stores where items can be found much cheaper elsewhere. Not to mention the 'food court' consist of only two food places, an arcade with games from the '80's and outdated posters from early 2000. Don't forget the car rides that don't even work. Some thrift stores such as goodwill and whatnot. But most aren't even worth your time. Most have nothing of value but try to overprice most items. Possibly due to not having much bussiness to begin with. Their is only ONE public laundry mat. Also expensive compared to California (has highest cost of living in all of united states), washers are super tiny $2.00, triple loaders $3.25 are no bigger then your average washer size at home, dry is $0.75 for 9 mins. Or a much smaller dryer that you can barely fit one load in that runs 40 mins but cost $1.25 and forget about adding more time by adding a quarter or two. I found out the hard way. It does not add time but instead requiring the entire $1.25 to be added yet again. All other laundry mats have been either shut down or no longer exist.
It is ILLEGAL to sleep in your vehicle or RV (except paid camp sites), anywhere in Mojave county (was informed by police officer (the hard way), that it's the only county in a 40 mile radius that has such a law. You can be arrested and have your car impounded if caught sleeping in it, ANYWHERE (even if out of the way miles from any bussiness or building, in the desert.) You will be arrested! I recieved a warning. After seven months of off and on parking overnight at the local 24hr walmart. (Never had a problem or was told to leave at all) Have seen signs saying no overnight RV parking. But during 'snow bird' season. That's all you see. Never seen anyone arrested. So I thought it was ok. Not only was I not bothering anyone. I was confronted by the rudest officer (first officer I had contact with) who in the end threatens to arrest me for no reason. When I was actually going into the store and wasn't gonna sleep overnight on the lot but elsewhere. It was only 12 am. Apparently parking away from everyone else (how's that illegal? It's a huge parking lot, I have every right to park where ever I please on a parking lot I'm gonna go into the bussiness on. Plus nothing wrong with exercise) And putting up my sunscreen even though it's dark made me look 'suspicious' I'm sorry officer for protecting my privacy (my front windows are not tinted nor were blocked), and keeping peering eyes from seeing what's inside my vehicle. It's a long story. But he basically said he did not want to see my face again, its the first time we ever crossed paths (I couldn't even see his thanks to the blinding light in my face, and never got his name even when I requested it) in his county again or I'll be arrested. I did nothing wrong, I did not break any law. And he did not catch me sleeping in my vehicle because I wasn't. They have lot's of druggies and criminals out here. Yet I'm the one they harass. Also you can sleep in your vehicle on your own property and still be arrested. How stupid is that? Also a month ago their was a couple screaming at each other for over two hours. Literally yelling at each other on that same walmart parking lot. For over 2 hrs around 1 am to 3 am prior to leaving. No cops ever showed up. I didn't call because I didn't want to bring attention to myself. But yet me not doing anything or disturbing the peace, am the one harassed by an officer? The night before a truck pulled up about 4-5 parking spaces away from me. Then proceeded to have what looked like a little romp inside. They didn't leave till 5 am. No officers ever came. I parked around the same spot I normally do. Was only there not even 10 mins after 12am. Before being approached then threatened. I was mostly worried about a random citizen with ill intent approaching me. Never thought it would be a man of the law that would threaten to arrest me for some retarded law I wasn't even aware of. Nor can you find it if you google it. But according to the watch commander I called and spoke with. Its in fact a real law. It's private property I understand. But even if you have an ok from the store manager themselves. You can still be arrested.
It is ILLEGAL to be homeless in Mojave county period. If your homeless and move here (I'm not, just homless here not in California), you are going to have a bad time. Forget the heat. The cop's are what you have to worry about. Doesn't matter if your a law abiding homeless person. You're breaking the law just by simply lacking a place to live. If you're homeless with a car they will take your 'home' from you. And trust me you won't get it back. Along with giving you a jail cell. Protect and serve my A$$. They spend more time harassing the homeless then they do arresting druggies or thieves. Which their are plenty of. Instead they have to make my visit with my son even more difficult then it already is.
You can carry a concealed weapon. I.e. guns, bowie knife, machete, large knives etc. But if you're homeless......
You can deal drugs, do drugs, publicly drink alcohol, steal, and assault someone, rant for two hours screaming at the top of your lungs at 1 am-3am in a walmart parking lot. But if you sleep in your vehicle and/or are homeless...
There are several incidences I came to find where officers have shot and killed unarmed homeless people. Cop's don't get in trouble really. Is this a city you'd want to visit? Put money into their casinos? That is ok with something like this?
Cost of living is next to nothing. Minimum wage is next to nothing $7.50 an hr. Most places do not provide benefit's. Nor full time, instead hiring more people part time to avoid giving benefits. Health care is next to nill. Our 2yr old son had an emergency (couldn't breath) which required an ambulance. And his California medi-cal would not cover the expenses or wasn't accepted to begin with. Leaving us with a $4,154 ambulance bill (only took him 4 miles away) and $2000 in doctor fees. Even though we proved our inability to pay. They still come after us.
A neighbor who works for the local casino in laughlin NV. Said he worked there for 13 yrs. And this is how it works. If you take $7.50 an hour you'll get benifits after 2 yrs of working. If you take $8.50 an hour you get no benifits. It's worthless moving here. Utilities cost double (hence why the laundry mat is so expensive) so pair that with low hourly wage. It's not that much different then living anywhere else.
Their is next to nothing out here. Very boring long term. Cops would rather harass and threaten innocent people then do their job.
It's ok to visit i guess. But if your bringing an RV it's best to go to a motel, paid camping site, or stay in laughlin. Because if your caught staying in it overnight in any 24hr parking lot. You're risking arrest and having the rv and any other vehicles impounded.
All this desert and land, yet very little around to do. Most places don't even come up on the map if you do a general search. Type 'Fun' for example. Most things related that come up are the casino's. Last I checked it's no fun when you're losing money. All laughlin has is the casino's and the sorry excuse for a mall outlet center. Not much else. Looking for a more residential like area. You either have to drive all the way to las Vegas 75 miles away, lake Havasu 60 miles away, or Kingman (not much different than here) 40 miles away.
Unless you don't mind heat or lack of entertainment. Their is no reason to even visit, let alone live here. Like another poster stated. Unless you have money to spend at the casino's, or have boats or off road stuff, their isnt much else to do. And most jobs are dead end jobs with next to nothing as payment for your work. I have a couple broken teeth and from what I can tell by seeing others. Dental care is next to nothing also. With no benifits and little left after taxes, getting your own healthcare would harm you more financially then help.
Honestly if it wasn't for my son and gf. I would leave never to return. This place is a joke. Founded in the 80's yet still has nothing to show for it. And their animosity towards homeless people (who have enough problems as it is) more so then drug dealers, addicts, or thieves. Makes it even less desirable. Granted rent is considerably cheaper then elsewhere. Same goes for gas. The utilities make up for it. Basically making it not all that much less then living in L.A.
Mobile homes also have very little durability and will not increase in value as time goes by. You'll pay more fixing or repairing them over time then they are worth. They aren't very well insulated either. Many of her mom's doors are poorly fitted. And at one time this home had been broken into quite a bit. The garage side door has been boarded shut. House side door has like four locks on it (deadbolt (doesn't latch frame is warped), knob (also doesnt latch), three straight bolts (one will not latch), and one on a chain. Can still see straight through the edges to outside. Some windows have been broken into. And a camera had been installed at one time. She had to replace the entire faucet and shower head unit in the main bathroom along with a full re-tile. Their are many leaks where their shouldn't be in door and Window frames. So it's really hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Wiring is poor too. She paid $80,000 for a three bedroom two bath. 2 car garage. Came fully furnished with an interior design you'd find in a motel from the '70's. Complete with three flower couches. Not worth it, even if fully furnished. a front and back yard devoid of grass. Nothing but gravel.
Can't tell if my GF's mom is losing it because of the heat or what. But since she's moved here, she's now highly addicted to Rocks (not the drug slang) actual rocks. She's now a bonified rock collector. Guess it's kind of due to being not much else to do around here.
Our next door neighbors prior to moving out were druggies. No cop interference. And the new ones that moved in (also from L.A.) only come every now and then and are not permanent residents. Mostly during weekends. They are generally nice. But tend to blast their music or t.v. or be loud in general really late into the night and early morning. Once again no cops showing up. But if I sleep in my truck out front of the house.....you get the idea.
As of this time their are no homeless shelters or day centers available. Even though their are more than a dozen buildings, that are either shutdown, or went out of bussiness, spread out all over the city. Plenty of unused land. And according to the local news website. More than 96 confirmed homeless families. And talk about possibly opening up a facility of some sort. Sometime next year. But in the mean time the local PD will continue to just arrest them. All that money the casino's make and no way of trying to open up some sort of charity to help? All the money renting out water and off road equipment to those from all over. Yet no suggestions.
They really do not care. Their only solution is to make an already hard life harder, and try and force the less fortunate out of the city. All that money spent funding a war that shouldn't be. Yet no help for the very country that claims to be the greatest and free.
Officer Crawford, the one that showed me no compassion. And we never met before. Was the same one in the news I read about assisting homeless. Playing it off as if he actually cares. When he threatened to arrest me on absolutely no hard evidence of me actually breaking a law. Just assumption.
Funny how red, white, and blue are a symbol of freedom.....until they are flashing behind you....
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[Table] IamA lighting lead/theatrical tech/rigger (for concerts and stuff) AMA!

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Date: 2015-07-09
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A few questions please: (1) Is this a job for a married man or a single guy? I assume you meet a lot of broads in this business. (2) Do work a single venue or travel with the artists? (3) Any funny stories of riggers falling from great heights, getting electrocuted, etc.? (4) What do you think of the Moody Blues? (5) Do any performers come up to you after the show and tip you? (6) How hectic is your timetable once you have to start rigging stuff? What if you are running super behind but you have to make stool very bad? (7) Are a lot of riggers slobs with long hair and blue jeans, smoking reefers? (8) What's a common mistake for a rookie? For a pro? (9) Are you Union? (10) Worst part of the job? Best part of the job? - Thanks!! Let me kill your dreams a little: 1) touring is a game best for single men. You're gonna be away from home a lot. There are some artists who are family people. They like to tour for a few weeks, then take a week off with their family, which means you can go home too. But those are rare exceptions. Otherwise, you're going to be in the road for months at a time. On the cruise lines, it's a 6 month contract, 7 days a week, 70 hour weeks are common, and you might get a couple hours off the ship in port. No days off unless you are provably too sick to get out of bed. Ringling Bros was a little more forgiving on days off... But the tour is constant. Only scheduled time off is in transit, and a day per week in annual rehearsals.
So far as women, by the time I'm done working, they're gone. It does occasionally happen, but usually it's not all that tempting.
2) with the cruise lines, I was in charge of that one theatre, and was support for the other nightclubs. With Ringling, it was a new arena every week (except for very large cities where we stayed for 2+ weeks). Now, I work for a company that handles 2 venues in Laughlin, NV, as well as a ton of one-offs in various casinos.
3) funny stories of falling? Nope. I've never slipped or made use of my harness for anything other than carrying more shackles and rapelling, thankfully. I hope my luck holds out. A harness will save your ass, but as I understand, hitting the rip-stop on your lanyard hurts. Sudden spinal compression kinda thing. But I do know of several people who've died.
So far as being zapped? All the time. So, the big one was a lighting guy on Ringling. We ran our feeder strait to the truss, and broke it out from there. So, 5 200 amp cables running up. On a load out, they somehow got cut on the aluminum of the bleachers. The lighting guy, not at all aware of this. Walked up and leaned over the bleachers. BOOM, and he's laid out flat about 10 feet back. The lead said something asking the lines of "keep pushing. doesn't matter if he's dead, we've still gotta load out." He was fine, of course. And within a month or so, was the new lead.
4) the moody blues are cool. Their jams show a lot of technical skill and general talent... But for the most part, my playlist is depressing metal (Eths, Mushroomhead, Dry Kill Logic, etc).
5) it's rare for a band to tip me. But you know who's an awesome tipper? Bigg from Bigg & Rich. He's a big redneck hick from homestead country... But when you do something for him, he will be sure that you know it's appreciated. He just requests respect.
Also, good nightclub DJs are pretty good about tipping. You provide the support they need to have nothing in their mind but a good mix, and they will let you know how much they appreciate it.
6) go before you climb. Period. Once we start rigging, everything is waiting on us. Audio, video, lighting, and that producer watching his bank account get smaller by the minute. No one wants to wait for you. And everyone is glad to get in your ear about it. All day.
7)Ouch. I'm a long hair. But I'm always in blacks. And I don't get high. But some riggers are a little coarse. Others are engineers with an adrenaline addiction.
8) a really common rookie mistake is touching things they don't understand, without either asking or being told. Trust me, I want to tell you alll about everything. I want you too learn, so you're easier to work with next time. But I need to see that you can follow instructions first. Also, rookies mistake my casual demeanor for this actually being a casual task. I have come to terms with knowing that my mistakes can kill real people with lives and families and dogs who like to wave to their neighbors in Saturday mornings and love spending time with their kids. Rookies haven't even begun to understand that.
So far as pros, the common mistake is forgetting that they're actions can have fatal consequences. Stacking the rig to the limit. Or just getting cocky and letting little errors slip. Not being on top of feedback for audio. For lighting, programming a dull show, cause no one cares about this shitty opening act DJ (I'm guilty of this)
9) fuck IA. Union guys wanna bitch about us non-union guys taking food out of their mouths... while the union hires people who aren't full time, knowledgeable techs to work shows.
10) worst part: repairing fixtures that sucked to start with. Also, dealing with clients that have no idea what they want... But whatever you just did was not it.
The best part is that rare moment when you hit just the right look at just the right time, and the audio is crisp and clear, and the artist his his rockstar pose, and the crowd goes wild, and for a fleeting second, you know that this is truly art and you are the master of it.
What is the name of the software you use to control the light system? Also does repeated cycling of power to make lights flash wear the bulbs out faster? Well... I use lighting consoles, which are basically computers built into a box, specifically geared with ask the hardware, inputs and outputs to control a lighting rig... So, basically, I wouldn't advise using a PC based system to run a lighting show. But, I also understand that some people and some venues don't really have the budget for consoles that go for $5k used. So consider the following with that in mind. I personally like the Hog series. The shop I work for owns a couple RoadHog4s, as well as a WholeHog 3, and a RoadHog3. They each come with an OS designed specifically for the console. But there's also Hog4PC, which is a Windows based facsimile of a Hog console. And if you're willing to pay like $1500, you can get a little box that allows that software to control your lights. So far as surging lights, it kinda depends. I mean, if you're trying to strobe conventional fixtures (old style incandescent), please stop. They just aren't designed to handle that, and you'll blow your budget on replacing them. But, if you fade them in (ETC Sensor racks handle this automatically by default), you'll get more life out of them. With at least 0.5 second smooth] fades, the added wear off turning them on and off should be negligible. Of course, you'll find that knowledge is soon to be pretty useless trivia. Everything is moving towards LED. We just got some [Martin Quantums in that are every bit as bright as any mercury vapor lamped wash. And we've got some LED pars on order that can reasonably replace conventional pars 3 cans to 1 new unit. And we're only paying about $140/unit for a light that can strobe, requires no gel, chews less power, doesn't cook the stage, and is good for around 50,000 lamp hours (with minor repairs somewhere in there). So, before you invest further in conventional lights, consider that a bit.
One other question (if you don't mind) for shows that have fireworks/flame bursts, are they different systems controlled by the light operatolight system? Nope. Anything to do with fire, or sparks, or sudden pneumatic bursts (some confetti canons, or launchers), and even some water effects generally fall under pyro. It's strongly advisable to hire another technician to handle that. Reason being that before the burst, the pyro tech needs to be 100% certain that everything is clear, and the burst will occur within the guidelines of the law. There's a pretty lengthy set of laws on pyrotechnic displays, involving who can be near it, what safety measures must be in place, how close to the audience it can be (circumstance dependant, as close as 15 feet), etc. So, basically, it's a bad idea to make the guy who's watching the light show also fire the pyro. Also, fun stuff to know: if you aren't cleared by federal/state gov to transport pyro, you can't do it. So on Ringling Bros, it would be shipped to us ahead of our arrival in the next city. We'd always get a little extra, to cover for damage or visible defects, or... But if we didn't use it for the show, we couldn't take it with us, and we weren't cleared to ship it anywhere, and you can't just throw it away... So, the law says we had to blow stuff up.
doesn't cook the stage. Thank you! And yeah, at this point, I hate pars. There's nothing a par can do that an LED can't do better. In fairness, LEDs are just now getting to the point of surpassing pars. But they are very much at that point.
That's huge. I'm a failed LD/ME (kicked out of grad school, got bitter towards the whole thing) from the '80s and early '90s. When you've got 150-200 1000w FEL lamps going, it could make a stage quite warm. And I will not miss gel frames in the least. A 120k rig can cost 2 hours easily for a full regel.
give you a sunburn, but that's another story. And I don't consider you a drop out. A lot of us don't have a degree at all. I took a semester of college... before realizing that I was paying full price to be a teacher's assistant, because I already knew what was being taught.
MA onPC only outputs DMX when MA onPC hardware is attached. Tragic! They changed it! Guess it's just Chamsis now.
As a touring rigger: What is one thing local riggers do that you love, and one thing that you hate? I love riggers that take the time to meet before going up. I want to get a feel for who's hanging my shit. I just don't have the same confidence in the guy that's just there to do the gig, and go home. Of course, I understand that 70 something points can be daunting. Particularly in places like the arena in Pittsburgh, where it was done by boom lift to clip bridles to the ceiling. But please, take the 5 minutes to Bullshit with me over how the trip was and how my last load out sucked.
Things I hate: don't try to redo my math and insist that I'm wrong. Odds are, mine was done by an engineer before being checked by load cells and read by a second engineer before leaving rehearsals. If you do see something wrong, please politely ask about it. Don't come up to me as a high school drop out with a harness and insist that I'm wrong. I might be wrong... But I'm not interested in some chump bitching about 2135lbs on a CM 1 ton (seriously. Took me 10 minutes to explain that it's a metric ton).
Also, if you own your own rope and harness, keep your gear in good condition. Self check before you approach me, please. If I catch you off guard, it's generally cool to let me know you're going to check your gear before you climb and ask me to give you a quick moment. Do not let me see that the back of your harness is frayed, or drop a rope to me that's chewed up. Because if my gear falls because your rope fails, I've got to deal with it. And if you die because your harness fails, my show is getting mentioned in the news. I hate having to chew that guy a new one, because I hate being put in a position with a higher than average chance of failure.
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I'm happy for her relationship, but ...

So there is a lady friend of mine who was enormously instrumental in keeping me sane after my breakup with my ex. And she's just freaking fantastic in every way.
She's an MBA, working her way into her industry, and she understands my Bashar Al-Assad jokes that most people would stare at me blankly for. She's sexy, intelligent, pervy, and perky. When I'm feeling down, she makes it her mission to help me back up. I've told her things I haven't told anybody before. She's had a look at my dark side and wanted to play with it.
Unfortunately, she lives quite far away and I'm not in a position to move right now. My gut has told me to drop everything and go out there, but I rationally know it wouldn't last for a myriad of issues. I've told her exactly how I feel. I wouldn't say that I'm in love with her but I want the chance to go find out. So when she wanted to pursue a relationship with somebody who was actually near her, how could I say no? The relationship calculus is easy here, and she cared enough to give me a chance to make the choice to drop everything and pursue her, or stay here. And I want to be as good a friend to her as she was for me. I want her to be happy. I want to cheer her up when she's down. I don't want to lose her friendship when we didn't even have a chance to figure out if we were compatible for a relationship.
I chose to stay because it's objectively a better choice. I'm living with family who are paying for most of my needs, free rent, free food, giving me a chance to save some money, buy a car, study for certification. In spite of the fact that I hate living here with every fiber of my being. I see the time I'm spending here as penance for decisions I've made (combined with the economic crisis making my decisions even worse) and as a opportunity investment to get my life back in order. So I'm back where I graduated high school. Working a dead end job I hate. And I have to wait another 2 months before I can start to move forward with the next phase of my plan.
Most of the issue is that she was an outlet for much of my sexual energy which I'm having trouble replacing. I'm a bit of a forever alone, and the women I've been getting to know down here have been fruitless (one has a boyfriend so she's friendzoned, one isn't interested and I'm friendzoned, one I'm still trying to figure out). I've been trying to find somebody in /dirtypenpals, /foreveralonedating, and tried some online dating for locals but it's not going well.
I'm a fat guy. I don't drink, smoke, or gamble (I live near Laughlin, NV a casino town). I'm not the type who does well in a bar hookup situation. There isn't really a spot for me to find my kind of people here. It just sucks so hard to live here and it would be nice to have somebody around to give me a reason to take care of myself and an outlet for growing sexual frustration while I'm enduring this. The difficulty is compounded by the fact that I'm honest to a fault and I'm just looking for a terminal relationship. I don't want to end up with one of the people who live in this area.
TL,DR I'm sexually frustrated and slightly envious because I had a long distance relationship, but she found somebody near her who was pursuing her. Meanwhile, I'm kicking myself for making the right decision.
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RV Life: SWEET $5 Casino Camp! Laughlin NV, Blacktop Boondocking

10 TIMES PAYThanks so much for watching! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Please share your comments and let me know about your winnings!Be sure to c... Laughlin NV, Cruizin' On The River - Riverside Resort & Casino. Since I can't publish with audio find some good 50's/60's music and play along with the video. The greatest casinos in Southern Nevada - Laughlin - Duration: 8:29. Herb Halling 33,000 views. 8:29. I GOT A NON-SURGICAL NOSE JOB! OBSESSED W/THE RESULTS! #TheImageCenter #NoseJob - Duration: 15 ... The unique and beautiful Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino in Laughlin Nevada. Good food at Harlow's Restaurant. Pleasant hotel registration, music, player pian... Laughlin Avi Casino KOA in Laughlin Nevada offers full hookup RV sites adjacent to the casino. Music Licensed From MusicBakery.com . Category Travel & Events; Show more Show less. Comments are ... Decided to switch it up and spent a week at The Tropicana in Laughlin NV. $35/ week for dry camping and surprisingly great! Doing the touristy thing while waiting on some mail to arrive. Subscribe to the channel http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEkW8bQp2N-eHs5q8rsSxvg?sub_Confirmation=1&sub_confirmation=1 Top10 Recommended Hotels in Laughlin, ... Riverside Resort Hotel & Casino's Colorado River boat tour TE30, Laughlin NV, Davis Dam & casinos! - Duration: 8:16. Split Screen Gaming League - Games and Vlogs 1,671 views Things to do in Laughlin, Nevada plus travel tips if you're planning a vacation in this quiet gambling city a crossed the Colorado River from Bullhead, Arizo... A brief tour of Casino Drive in Laughlin, Nevada. I'm staying for a couple of weeks.