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Casino Buses out of San Marcos?

New to the San Antonio area and generally hate driving downtown, which is where a lot of the buses to casinos like Kickapoo Lucky Eagle stop. My aunts like to have monthly little casino excursions.
I would love to not have to go deep in the city to find the bus stop for casino trips... is there anything in the San Marcos area?
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Riding long hours on casino buses not to gamble, but to make ends meet

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Exclusive: Asian-American seniors riding casino buses to make ends meet

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Asian-American seniors riding casino buses to make ends meet

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Asian-American seniors in NYC living in poverty, forced to ride casino buses to make ends meet

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Louisiana casino buses?

Hey Houston!
I'm in town and I'm having a few brews at St. Arnold's and I want to go to a casino. I remeber when I lived here there was a casino bus that would leave somewhere from the SW side of town close to the beltway....
Does anyone here have a clue on:
How much it cost to take the bus?
Is it kind of like a greyhound bus that stops every couple of hours?
Where is this bus stop located?
Are the LA casinos worth the trip?
Thanks Houston people! I miss Houston, but my paycheck is only given to me if I work in Dallas unfortunatly.
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Casino Buses to LA Suggestions

Looking to take a bus to Louisiana to some of the casinos. Anybody have any suggestions or tips? My wife would prefer a nice place, but i just want a great affordable getaway.
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Legislators want casino buses to skip tolls on way into Atlantic City

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SUNNYBANK ELDERS ride the casino buses to make ends meet? NO WE ARE WEALTHY! BEST FAMILY VALUES always rich, well mannered, wealthy, 8888 8888 8888 model minority THAT'S THE POWER OF SUNNYBANK BITCHES!

SUNNYBANK ELDERS ride the casino buses to make ends meet? NO WE ARE WEALTHY! BEST FAMILY VALUES always rich, well mannered, wealthy, 8888 8888 8888 model minority THAT'S THE POWER OF SUNNYBANK BITCHES! submitted by azeanpussyluvva to BneStrong [link] [comments]

My mom wants to sue my dad, for leaving me when I was young and not paying enough or something...?

I don’t even know where to begin...I’m just a dumb 16 year old!
When I was young my Dad mom hated him, so she forbid any and all contact with him.
I often got along better with my dad than with my mom, so I emailed him secretly from time to time.
When I had some mental health complications, I was sent to a hospital. From there, my mom finally decided to contact my dad. This was 2 years ago. My dad now takes me out to eat and watch movies a few times a week.
But here’s the tricky part. Because of my mental health, I have often have to see doctors and stuff. My mom has really bad english, so she drags my older sister to go translate (we don’t have the same dad). My sister is really upset at this and says my dad should be the one that goes, not her. His English is more or less better than my moms.
My mom agrees, and is furious at my dad for not stepping up and taking responsibility (this, I can side with my mom)
But then she goes off on a tangent that my dad doesn’t pay enough for my well-being, and needs to send a sum of money every month or so. That, or she takes him to court...
I hope I don’t sound like an arrogant fool here, but my mom makes a lot more than my dad. My paternal grandpa and dad and my step-mom all live together in a small apartment that my mom describes as “the poor part of Toronto”. My mom owns a few units/houses/whatever. We also live in a fairly large house...... As far as I know, my dad is the one that goes out to make money to support. He drives casino buses, and often goes out for several hours at a time.
If my mom wins the court case, I know my poor dad won’t be able to pay her. My sister is a lawyer, and my mom has several friends that dabble in law...I don’t know what to do! I’m so lost, my dad doesn’t even know that my mom wants to sue him...
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Transit options outside of HTA?

The buses run pretty often during the day if you're going between Arcata and Eureka. Saturdays are tolerable but Sundays there are only 4 buses and they don't run after 5ish!!
What do people do without a car around here if they need to go places at night? There are no good bike routes to Eureka and the Hammond Trail can be sketch at night.
I have seen casino buses and Dial-a-Ride but are there other private transit operators/shuttles or can the public take the casino buses? Other options? (Cabs/UbeLyft are too $$$ and take forever) Carpool? Vanpool? Anything?
EDIT: no good bike routes.
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Off of homeless after about 3 years

I know a lot of people on here are dealing with homelessness, first time, long term, etc. And it is definitely harder this time of year with the one two punch of cold weather and the entire society conspiring to make you feel like shit with these holidays. If you've never lived it you really won't understand how hard it is to get out of, between all the social services discouraging upward mobility because they are literally in the business of keeping you homeless, and housed society treating homelessness like a contagious disease, only wanting to interact with you to tell you off, call the cops, or make themselves feel good with a handout. If you try to talk them as a fellow human being it's like you don't "know your place". I'm going to talk about how my wife and I got out but first I want to say if you are living in active addiction and struggling with homelessness, you have to address your addiction FIRST, and you are lying to yourself if you think you'll make it out without changes you are lying to yourself. Not saying total abstinence is the only change possible, but you need some change and only YOU know what that is. It's hard and scary, especially as a using couple and dealing with WDs when homeless but it IS POSSIBLE. So without further ado here is our story:
Last year we had a super janky old 80s 38 foot Chevy Pace Arrow RV we were living in, strung out in the desert. It would break down a bit and we would get stuck in like small town chain store parking lots. Sometimes we would have to spend a full day riding casino buses back and forth just to buy shitty tar. I look like Jesus so I made really good money flying signs, and usually got enough food while I was at it that I could spend it all on dope for us. Shitty ass tar. It breaks my heart remembering it, hustling away to stay well, all our hopes and dreams on hold. We want kids, we are creative people, my wife has been flown to Europe for her art, all of that was gone. My phone tends to lose long shit so I will continue in comments
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Urgent help is needed is New Jersey immediately. This weekend is so important for Bernie. Anyone who can come to NJ from Pennsylvania or New York, get in your car, take a bus and come to NJ especially Atlantic City or Toms River. BERNIE NEEDS YOU!!

We are short on volunteers in Atlantic City and Toms River. We can do well in NJ but we need to reach out to independents. There's a lot of canvassing and literature to drop off. We need people now! If you can come for the day and help go to the Bernie office 1014 Atlantic Ave, Atlantic City. Or the office in Toms River. Now through the election we must do all we can, together we can win this!
Edit: I am in Atlantic City and personally know how much work we have to do. Philly is only an hour away. There are casino buses that come to AC and give vouchers - it's a cheap ride. Canvass then go to the beach, it's going to be a lovely sunny day.
Edit 2: links added
Here's Facebook for NJ
Events near Newark
Look up events in NJ (or anywhere else)
Update: 2 S4P people from Philly are on the way to AC help canvass today. Anyone else willing to make the trip?
Update 2: successful canvassing today with the 2 people from Philly. There are a lot of voters in NJ who will vote for Bernie if we reach out. Thanks to everyone who is taking the extra step to travel to NJ to canvass!
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Video of bus stealing parking in Koreatown

This seems to be one of the semi-infamous casino buses. It lives in these two parking spots on my street most nights, and some lady uses two cars to steal the spots all day. Is this illegal? It sure pisses me off.
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Casino bus. Do you have to stay in the casino the whole time?

I want to visit some friends who are coming to Niagara. Instead of driving, I'd like to hop on one of the Casino buses. If I use the bus, register inside and play a bit of slots, would there be any issues if I leave and return in time for the bus?
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So I gave SimCity 2013 another fair chance this weekend...

I was one of the early adopters (just like many of you) and I quit in frustration. Well I figured that I might as well give it another chance, and here is my opinion now that I have tried it again, not compared to SC4 but as a stand alone game.
Overall the experience was pleasant in the early game, but just fell apart in the late game due to the same issues. The early building was fun, the early game is fun, and even the early resources are fun. Where the game still needs work is the end game.
I had an issue running out of water, even after putting my sewage plants next to my water pumps and decking them out with full filtration pumps I was still running out of water and needed to move my pump stations around the map!
I was able to get a pretty balanced econ going off tourism, while a part of the map still stayed industrial, which I was not able to do in the past. However my residential side suffered because of the traffic.
I know that traffic is one of the big problems with SC2013 but I watched my city burn to the ground and fall into the hands of criminals. I had WAY too many police for my population, and they could never catch anyone. Why? Because of traffic. If they are responding to a call... they should be able to do what cops/fire trucks normally do... drive through traffic!
I built a new police station at the end of what I called my casino row... it was a one lane road with my airport, casinos, buses, street cars etc... all the cops went the wrong way. I just wish I could set "Districts" making cops patrol a specific area.
So overall I love the early game. Fun, pretty, and happy. The late game makes me want to start sending in disasters.
I guess I will give it a try in another 8 months.
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Casino bus to Niagara Falls

Hey guys, so a while ago I asked you on how to get to Niagara falls from Hamilton and someone suggested the casino bus, I just booked them because its one straight bus but the lady on the phone was very persistent on us staying in the Casino and spending atleast half of our time there. Is there a way they actually track it or is it just something they say? Also can any one share their experience with the Casino buses. Thank you so much
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Question about the Google Buses

So the Google Buses are a hot topic. Just wondering if anyone was ever upset by the Casino Buses that go to all the Native American casinos or Mega Buses that have existed for years. Also wondering of they are included in the pilot program.
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ITT: All things filial piety.

Grandpa passed earlier tonight in palliative care. Staying in the hospital and translating for six medical specialities plus physical therapy is emotionally tiring for several days.
It’s 5x harder when you don’t speak the same dialect as your grandparents. And 15x harder when you just wanna find the fucking Chinatown casino buses to Atlantic City.
Anyways, I’ll have to take care of my divorced mom with no relatives in America on my own most likely—as I have no brothers or sisters. Right now I’m tryna live life to da fullest before being a responsible adult. What about chyall’s?
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CdA Casino operating Shuttle Buses in Spokane

For transportation to and from the Idaho Casino. Just called the Casino to confirm this is happening. Has anyone seen any news coverage on the Casino reopening? Have all the media been bought off with casino advertising? The Governor of Idaho issued a 14 day self quarantine for out of state visitors that expires at the end of May.
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Niagara Falls

Getting to Niagara falls without a car seems complex (Like getting anywhere in thos country without one), I see there are Casino buses that run from London to Niagara falls, would it be possible to get on one of these and leave the Casino to tour around, I do not mind gambling a bit as well, I have friends visiting from the UK and it would be crappy for them not to see it.
If not does anyone have an alternate suggestion??
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Used buses for sale | Why Casino owners should buy used buses for their transportation needs ???

Used buses for sale | Why Casino owners should buy used buses for their transportation needs ???
Since 1985, Major Vehicle Exchange, Authorized Resources Ltd., has led the industry in providing incredible and convenient transport solutions in New York and several states in the U.S.A. Right from the point guests walk in through our doors, the experience they enjoy from the luxury casino and coach used buses is not only accommodating but also diverse and specific. We are a fully licensed automobile dealer bonded in compliance with US regulations.

We are home to modest quality buses to help you realize your full potential, thanks to their elegant exterior and interior layouts, seating comfort, storage expediency plus much more amenities. You can shuttle patrons from your parking lots to casinos or hotel entrances using these buses or any adjacent and distant facilities including halls and restaurants with ease. Our vehicles can endure long trips and nights while delivering a luxurious experience for your passengers and clients.

Why our used buses?

If you are thinking of used buses for sale for casino contacting us comes with a lot of benefits.

• Our used buses are durable and can be used for many applications.

• We stock mini used buses for sale that accommodate your dynamic budget requirements.

• We also provide perimeter aisle-facing seating with improved leather upholstery. You have access to a variety of buses to cater for your needs including wheelchair accessible lifts, exterior customizable full bus graphics and much more.

• Our pre-owned used reconditioned shuttle buses can be used for commercial purposes, medical transportation providers, municipalities, teams, campuses, community resident groups, hotels and restaurants, tour companies, non-profit agencies, and others.

Tips to consider when buying a used bus

• With modern improved technology and manufacturing processes, used buses offer reliable services for a great saving on your costs with zero inconveniences. This is especially the case when under proper maintenance.

• Ensure you get a used bus in great shape, with necessary amenities and ask for vital detailed maintained records before you fully pay. This will help avoid taking in a coach that will cost you heavily on repair and maintenance and pay for its worth.

• Used buses are significantly cheaper compared to new buses, saving on costs. When you buy a used bus, you don’t have to shoulder the huge depreciation rate often associated with buying a new one in early years. You can even sell it at reasonable book value without incurring huge losses as in the case of disposing of a new bus. Insurance costs will lower saving additional costs.

• If you are restocking your fleet with a used bus or as a personal vehicle, used buses provide you with much more flexibility to customize it to what exactly you envision including storage convenience, seating arrangements, and stereo systems among others requirements.

Contacting us and services

We are located about 20 miles from New York City, right in the suburban Westbury, Long Island. However, you can reach us using close Long Island Expressway at Exit 40 West. Also fly through LaGuardia, JFK International and Long Island MacArthur airports, a few minutes from our offices, we will gladly pick you up during regular business working hours.

Our professional staff will see you around, advice and respond to any of your queries on any of our used buses to solve your problem. However, if you can’t be able to pick your approved vehicle, we facilitate speedy delivery services including shipping anywhere in North America.

We pride in our valued, responsive and reliable services in the bus industry that meets diverse client demands. If you are an individual, group or organization? Please call Charlie at 516-333-7483 today; Major Vehicle Exchange will ensure our used buses will leave you happy regardless of your buying criteria.

Used buses for sale, Why Casino owners should buy used buses for their transportation needs ???, KGN7
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Casino bus race - YouTube Casino Bus Trip - YouTube Casino Bus Wrap : Chukchansi Casino - YouTube Casino Bus Trip 13 Dead in NYC Casino Bus Accident - YouTube For Chinese gamblers from New York, casino bus safety is ... Exploring Las Vegas: Tour of a Casino on the Strip - YouTube

For large Casino Groups, Charters and Tours Dates: CALL FOR DETAILS. Bus Stops. Orlando: 7:00 AM–Sam’s Club by Wells Fargo. S.O.B.T. and Taft Vineland Road. Cocoa: 7:30 AM – Sam’s Club by Tire Shop – I95 and S.R. 520. Melbourne: 8:00 AM – Days Inn Hotel – 4500 W. New Haven Ave., West Melbourne. Vero Beach: 8:45 AM – IHOP Restaurant – 8800 20 TH Street. Ft. Pierce: 9:45 AM ... Buses; Safety and Security; Book Your Stay; Directions; Check Rewards; Buses. The bus program is temporarily suspended. We do not have a return date at this time. Bus Trips to Black Oak Casino Resort. Traveling to Black Oak Casino Resort has never been easier. Relax with your friends, enjoy the view and get special incentives and credits when you arrive! We’ll take care of the rest. Plan ... Book One of Our Casino Buses. Whether you have a group and want to schedule your casino bus tour or are interested in joining one of our scheduled casino buses, we look forward to shuttling you. Casino transportation shouldn’t be a gamble. Our drivers are well-acquainted with all of the area casinos so you can be sure that your transportation will be safe and timely. If you want to book your ... Busing on the Lookout: Casinos & Buses. Sex trafficking survivors have reported their traffickers using casinos as a meeting place for buyers who were arranged online or as a venue to solicit prospective buyers. Casinos can also be a refuge for victims, offering a secure place where they can seek help or attempt to exit their situation. As buses carry patrons to and from casinos, those drivers ... Our Buses; Affiliations; Contact. Contact Us; Careers; Email Updates; Tour Comments; Great Canadian Casino Express . Experience the best way to your favourite casinos! With included luxury motor coach transportation and a bonus or buffet, your day at the casino is better than free. Sit back, relax and leave the driving to us. There's no better way to go! COVID-19 Update . Our office remains ... Buses To Atlantic City Casinos, spanish roulette, craps training classes, free spins sign up bonus casino. Bonus. Fast Payouts; Big Selection Of Slots; Mobile Ready; 100. July 29, 2018. January 7, 2018. Wager-€50. Visit casino Roaring 21 Bonus up to $4300 21 Free Spins. x. 18+, T&C Apply,, New Customers Only. No Deposit Bonus: Visit casino Percentage. Wager. 18+, T&C Apply,, New Customers ... In Buses To Barona Casino the early days of the industry, you could Buses To Barona Casino find Buses To Barona Casino online sportsbooks bringing buses outfitted with laptops right up to sporting events to register players for their Buses To Barona Casino real money betting sites. Buses To Barona Casino This ended in the early 2000s with the arrest and indictment of some of the major players ... Casino Tour Buses In Houston, strategy to win at casino, oneida mason street casino poker room, hydra-tech blackjack * T&C. Play Now-August 14, 2018. Gamble Responsibly Gamble Responsibly 447. Progressive Jackpots; Over 400 Casino Games; Fast Payouts; 0. April 18, 2019. Visit casino 0. 200. Wager -0. 505. 34. Visit casino 50x-18+, T&C Apply,, New Customers ... Since 1993, casino players and employees alike have trusted our shuttle bus service from Pueblo, Colorado Springs, and Woodland Park to the excitement in Cripple Creek, as well as casino shuttle bus service from Aurora and Lakewood to the casino action in Black Hawk and Central City. Our team and fleet of luxury motorcoaches and buses have safely served over 4,000,000 passengers, and counting! You receive $40 in free play as you exit the bus at the casino.** (Cashless option will be available soon) Can I return on another bus or date? New social distancing protocol require guests to reserve in advance if they wish to depart on a different bus then which they came. A $20 return fee will be collected for different day returns. Does the bus have a restroom? Due to Covid19 Protocols ...

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Casino bus race - YouTube

If you're looking for graphic design that speaks to you -- and, better yet, beckons to your customers -- you've come to the right place. At Best Print Graphi... Bus trip taken with Applewood residents, to Casino Rama 2012. Haha Grand Theft Auto V!/sv-se/tid=CUSA00411_00 Book your bus trip here Check out Mama Star’s IG video here "Casino" is a 1995 American epic crime drama film directed by "Martin Scorsese" and starring "Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci & Sharon Stone".Casino was released o... At the intersection of Prince Street and 39th Avenue in Flushing, N.Y., a group of people stands on the pavement on a Sunday afternoon. This is the waiting a... Thirteen people died Saturday when a bus returning to New York City from a casino overturned on a highway and was sliced in half by the support pole for a la... Walking through the New York, New York Hotel and Casino on the main strip in Las Vegas, Nevada.PLANNING A BUDGET TRAVELING TRIP? "Gabe's Guide to Budget Trav...